10,000 Raingardens for Scotland

10,000 Raingardens for Scotland is a project working towards increasing the number of raingardens across Scotland. A new dedicated website has just been launched!

Raingardens are areas of plants and vegetation designed to absorb water and reduce the likelihood or severity of flooding and help to protect our rivers and waterways. They capture rainwater which runs off hard surfaces and then slowly release it back into our drains. Raingardens can be can be all different shapes and sizes ranging from a small area of flowers, trees and bushes in a car park to a planter box next to a roof down pipe or a green roof or wall.

Installing just one Raingarden makes a difference. Having 10,000 will make a huge contribution to reducing the likelihood of flooding, improving the health of rivers and streams and increasing wildlife friendly green spaces in towns and cities.

Raingardens across the world.

What is a Raingarden?

Where are Scotlands Raingardens?

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